Posted by on October 15, 2014

I posted this just a bit ago over at Binary Options Edge but you guys can now more easily back test a strategy based on your own set of rules.  It takes a little getting used to but can be very valuable, so please have a look at the video here and you can download the template on BOE here.

Indicator Template Download -

Posted by on September 6, 2014

futureofbinaryoptions 580x136 Are Expert Advisors The Future Of Binary Options Trading?

Recently we have seen more and more traders turning to automated expert advisors and scripts for automating their binary options trading. If you are unfamiliar, an expert advisor is a program which allows for automation of the trading processes using technical analysis. What this means is that traders can define a set of rules which the automated system will follow and then take trades based upon it.

I am currently, and have been toying around with EA’s for the past few weeks with some interesting results. I do think there are many pluses that come with EA’s as well as some downsides, so let’s discuss them.


- You set the rules and it follows them exactly based upon them, which means if you have been breaking your rules this fixes the problem!

- No more babysitting trades, you can put the EA on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and walk away while it trades your account.

- Money management can set so you can’t be greedy which we know kills a lot of traders accounts!


- Sometimes EA’s can go haywire if you do not have a very specific set of rules. Especially during news times and holidays they can potentially freak out if you are not watching them.

- It’s a bit challenging to learn to code them. (I am still trying to learn it myself!)

- There is no human intervention. If you see a trade that is likely absolutely going to lose and you wouldn’t take it, but know the rules match on the EA, it’s still going to take it.

- If the market changes it doesn’t adapt to the changing patterns.
With that said, I am planning on continuing my work with them and trying to find something that trades very frequently and hopefully very profitably. I know there are some others in the chat room at BOD and BOE who are also working on their own, so we should all collaborate on something neat!

At any rate, if you are interested you can learn more about them through the link below. I certainly believe they will be a lot of the future of binary options.

Posted by on August 8, 2014

A new indicator based strategy called the QQE Flip was just posted over at Binary Options Edge! You can download the indicators as well as find more about how it works by heading on over there now!

Here is a snapshot of it.

qqe boe 580x310 New QQE Flip Strategy Posted In The Forums At Binary Options Edge!

Click here to see the QQE Flip Strategy Now!

Posted by on July 31, 2014

As of today the new Nadex iPad app has been released to the public for immediate download. With the grand success of their previous iPhone app the next step was quickly coming out with an iPad app. You will find many nice new features in the iPad app which you could not find in the iPhone app due to size restrictions.

The new Nadex iPad app features include:

  • The binary price filter which makes it easier to find the markets you’re interested in.
  • You are able to trade directly from powerful new charts with binary ladders overlaid.
  • Users can toggle between chart view and strike lines view.
  • Traders can now benefit from simple and advanced ticket views including top of book and market depth.

nadex ipad app 580x279 Nadex Officially Releases New iPad Application Today

The Nadex iPad app is available right now for download on the App Store. Grab it right now!

app store button@2x 300x89 Nadex Officially Releases New iPad Application Today

Posted by on July 20, 2014

chartgame2 580x103 The Chart Game   Where Do You Stack Up?

Tonight as I was browsing a popular website I stumbled across a little free thing called Chart Game. I’ll admit, at first I thought it was probably going to be some mediocre game that in the end would waste my time. I was be wrong, it’s a load of fun. This thing is a glorious and refreshing quick way to test your knowledge of how markets move to see if you can make some cash.

The web based game that that has been created is simple and genius as it forces you to use either just a few tools or no tools to make trading decisions about when to buy and sell. While playing this game you will soon find out that it seems to be tailored more for Stocks or spot Forex trading, however you could also act as if these were on a smaller time frame in your chosen asset. So for binary options trading, imagine it was a 5 minute time frame and you were trading 30 minute options, or if it was a 30 minute time frame and you were trading daily expiry options. You get the idea I’m sure.

So give this cool little game a try, see how you stack up and post your results!

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