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chartgame2 580x103 The Chart Game   Where Do You Stack Up?

Tonight as I was browsing a popular website I stumbled across a little free thing called Chart Game. I’ll admit, at first I thought it was probably going to be some mediocre game that in the end would waste my time. I was be wrong, it’s a load of fun. This thing is a glorious and refreshing quick way to test your knowledge of how markets move to see if you can make some cash.

The web based game that that has been created is simple and genius as it forces you to use either just a few tools or no tools to make trading decisions about when to buy and sell. While playing this game you will soon find out that it seems to be tailored more for Stocks or spot Forex trading, however you could also act as if these were on a smaller time frame in your chosen asset. So for binary options trading, imagine it was a 5 minute time frame and you were trading 30 minute options, or if it was a 30 minute time frame and you were trading daily expiry options. You get the idea I’m sure.

So give this cool little game a try, see how you stack up and post your results!

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mwplatformupdate MarketsWorld Brokerage Adds New Expiry Times For Clients

As many of you know MarketsWorld has been working for what seems like years on making some changes to their platform and adding new expiration times after user requests.

In the update which has already been made live today you will see there are a few new expiration times as well as one which has been removed. They have added in 1 minute, 2 minute, 1 hour and 2 hour options and have removed the end of day option.

Now to make clear the 1 minute options and 2 minute options will not be like the other platforms. They will continue to work the way they currently already do with 5 minute options as many of us are familiar with. So if you enter a trade at 1:52:49 the expiry time will be 1:54. So this again is not the same as Stockpair or any Spot Option brands.

We were also notified that they will be likely adding in 12 and 24 hour expiries for Forex pairs as well as are working to bring the indices back online.

Credit – Thank you to our friends at SignalPush for the heads up on the new changes!

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Did you ever consider that you could potentially turn a 50% winning system into a profitable one
right now? If there is one thing I’ve learned from all my time in testing a variety of different
indicators, systems and patterns it’s that there are a lot of 50/50 systems. You’ve probably seen
the same thing in your own testing.

So how can we really work to turn something which is not profitable to something that can potentially
be much more profitable? Let’s take a random indicator like RSI with the setting of (2).

Have a look at the following screenshot. Looking at this simple RSI indicator let’s imagine that we
only take a call if price goes from under 70 to above 70 and only take a put if it goes from above 30
to under 30 while skipping one bar after the signal before we take it.

eurgbp post 1 580x396 Simple Steps You Can Take Towards Filtering 50% Winning Systems Into Profitable Ones Right Now!

Going off these set of rules you can see have 7 wins and 5 losses right off the bat. This may not
seem so great as it is currently only 58% profitable with this small data sample.
So, how in the world can we attempt to turn this thing profitable? Let’s try something a little
different such as only taking a trade after a single win.

eurgbp post 2 580x396 Simple Steps You Can Take Towards Filtering 50% Winning Systems Into Profitable Ones Right Now!

Well, that didn’t quite work as that puts us at 2 losses and 2 wins. No good.

Going off the screenshot our longest losing streak was 2 wrong in a row out out this small sample.
So let’s consider for a minute that we would only take a trade if we had 2 losses in a row and traded
the third.

eurgbp post 3 580x396 Simple Steps You Can Take Towards Filtering 50% Winning Systems Into Profitable Ones Right Now!

So going off that it looks like we would be at 2 wins and 0 losses. While we have a
great deal less trades, we’ve now become profitable. While I do realize this is a extremely small sample size, I want you to think differently. Try things outside the box and realize that you don’t have to necesarrily give up on every 50/50 system that passes you by as they could potentially be profitable if you are willing to put in some work and test.

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nonfarm nadex Why You Should Be Looking Into Using Nadex For Fridays Nonfarm Payroll News Announcement

Why should you be looking into Nadex for Friday’s news release? First and foremost because you could be making a lot more money than traditional offshore binary options!

If you are unfamiliar with the Nonfarm Payroll otherwise known as the “NFP” you may be wondering what all the hype is about. The (NFP) is one of the largest news releases in the Forex markets as it provides vital econimic job data to investors. It measures the change in the number of employed people during the previous month, excluding the farming industry.

Now you have many choices in the binary options world in how you wish to trade this news release. However if you have not tried it yet, I invite you to check out Nadex’s regulated platform to try and demo trade the release. They offer two types of options, bull spreads as well as the more classic, binary option.

As this is such a large news release, we expect the markets to move, and move quite a bit. So if you are using a bull spread, you can try and sell near one of the ceilings or buy near one of the floors on a 2 hour option which limits and caps your risk very low, and offers a high reward if you are correct.

(I will be doing my best to try and make a live trading video of this or atleast a guide on Friday.)

The next option is trading Nadex’s binary options contracts. One way that I have traded this in the past was buying 2 separate options, one saying that price would rise, and the other saying price would fall. This might not make much sense, but it has worked for me in the past! So let me provide an example down below as to how this could work.

Let’s say for example if you purchased 50 contracts in total 25 Up on one option, and 25 Down on another at $12 each that is $600 of risk. Now let’s imagine the NFP announcement gets released and one of those spikes up and you are at $45 per contract, then sold it. Now your one option of 25 contracts that you sold is now 25 x $45 = $1125. Then we need to minus your trade which just most likely would be the loser in the scenario which was $300, and fees of approximately $27. So your total profit could have been $798 if you sold it at $45 per contract. Pretty cool right, we were trading both directions! As long as it went hard one way, we were looking pretty good.

Check out more free Nadex strategies here on the forums!

Now if we imagine for a moment that we let one of those contracts expire instead of selling early. Those $12 contracts you bought are now worth $100 each. Why $100? Well Nadex binary contracts is all-or-nothing, meaning you get 0 payout, or you get 100. So since we let this one expire and it won, our 25 contracts x $100 = $2500, minus your other trade most likely losing and fees of approximately $27 would be $2173 profit. Pretty neat right?

So if you have not yet messed around with Nadex, even on demo especially during news announcements go check them out right now. You will grow to love them!

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