3 Responses to “Live Nonfarm Payroll News Release Discussion on NADEX”

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    David - June 6th, 2014 at 9:53 AM

    First Trade

    Total Invested (RISK) – $1,574
    FEES – $48.60
    Sold – $2,748.50
    Profit – $1,125.9

    Second Trade Setups (Martingale 25 Contracts, then 50 Contracts, then 150 Contracts)

    Total Invested (RISK) – $6,287
    FEES – $63
    Sold – $11,197 Sold
    Profit – $4847

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    NADEX GIRL - June 7th, 2014 at 12:20 AM

    thank you so much david for doing this…and we should do it more often.Yeah one thing if you decide to continue this google hangout on nadex please think of a way for live chat as well.skype of google group chat?…thanks again

    and here are my trades i took

    first trade @ 7:53am expiry 9am

    eur/usd > 1.3651 buy @ $28×20 contracts=$560risk
    eur/usd > 1.3631sell @ $71×20 contracts=$580risk
    buy side won
    and profit was $2000-($580+560)=$860-fees

    second trade @ 9:08am expiry @11am

    eur/usd>1.3668 buy@$32x10cont=$320risk
    eur/usd>1.3648 sell@$71.5x10cont=$285risk
    sell side won as i had a take profit order @10
    so profit is 71.5-10=61.5×10=615-$320(buy side risk)=$295-fees profit

    i had a third trade @9:10am for 10am expiry
    which gave me a profit of $300 as well

    so total profit before fees was $860+$295+$300=$1455-fees not a bad day for making about $1400 in profit in 2 hours trading.only possible on nadex…:D

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    Firefhtr9 - June 19th, 2014 at 10:56 AM

    Have you tried this hedging type strategy on other large news events such as the FOMC? If so, has it worked equally well?

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