Free Stock Charts (FSC) is a great free web based charting tool that allows you to view stocks and currencies easily from almost any computer. It’s got a good amount of features and is highly reliable for trading binary options as the prices match up nearly perfectly with the strike prices at most brokerages.

NetDania is another great free web based charting tool. The only problem with this particular tool is that it does not allow you to view stocks, only currencies and some commodities such as silver, gold and crude oil. This tool also matches up to binary options strike prices very well at most brokerages.

Forex Pros

Forex Pros is a website that offers a great deal of information in regards to currencies, commodities and indices. The charting that you may use on the website is often times extremely useful however you may find that it is not extremely fast in updating. The expiry prices however are often times very close if not right on the money to what most brokers expire at as they use very good feeds.

Paid Charting Options

Think Or Swim (TOS)

ThinkOrSwim is a fantastic charting option that many use to assist them in trading binary options. The interface and features are extremely nice and Barron’s just voted them #1 for options traders so you know they are really good. However it is of course worth mentioning that you need to open an account with them before you can use the charts.


eSignal is another very nice charting option however it is also important to note that the cost for this is fairly high. You do however get some very nice features and professional tools that you can use on almost any device.


Tradestation is one of the premier charting tools, however it does cost you in terms of broker commission from their platform.

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